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Kallikrates – is ancient Greek (masculine origin) and means “Beautiful Power” derived from the Greek elementκαλλος (kallos) “beauty” and κρατος (kratos) “power”

Kallikrates represents the idea or concept that anything the potential contained in humans is beautifully powerful when cultivated and shared with others

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Mental Strength Training

Fortify the armory of your thoughts. Weed and feed your mind. Overhaul it from a prison to a palace. As you thinketh, so you are.


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Strength training & conditioning. Performance enhancement. Bigger, faster, stronger. Leaner, meaner, & more functional. My own clang ‘n’ bang sessions



Assessment. Diagnostics. Treatments. Prehab. Rehab. Musculoskeletal. Orthopedics. Mobiliy. Joint mobilization. Manual therapy. Advice. Education.

Countdown until I graduate as a Doctor of Physiotherapy








Extreme/Wilderness Medicine

“Vital emergency care in remote settings and austere environments” High Altitude. Mountaineering. Tropical. Rescue. Evacuation. Expedition. Jungle. Hostile.




Nourish your body. Research. Guidelines. Recipes. Advice. Wholefoods. Organic. Paleo. Raw. Vegetarian. Find what works best for you.

Food is not fuel and you are not a ferrari…

John Berardi


Snippits & random posts about life. No more. No less.

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